Edificio en Suiza para sensibles a la contaminación

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http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/s ... -1.1747915
There’s a place for people who hate the sweet smell of perfume and the bitter stench of exhaust, but you’ll have to move to Switzerland.

Don’t expect cell phones either at a 15-unit apartment building on the outskirts of Zurich. The building was built to help people who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, according to Agency France-Presse.

The $6.9 million building is the first of its kind in Europe and creates an isolated environment for residents to avoid triggers such as cigarette smoke and electromagnetic radiation, reported AFP.

The condition makes most of its sufferers unable to hold a job or be around people.

There’s a long list of rules at the apartment building. Perfume, food and beverages are banned from housing for those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.
The facility is not expected to cure any of its residents, but it can make their daily lives more comfortable.

The city of Zurich donated the land and provided loans to help Healthy Life and Living Foundation fund the project.

To keep the structure free of chemicals, the construction workers were not allowed to smoke or wear cologne. The slightest presence of those elements can cause symptoms such as headaches, fainting and vomiting in its victims.

The building is for people who are unable to hold a job or can’t be around people because of the condition.
“This building doesn’t smell like a newly built house,” architect Andreas Zimmermann told AFP. “It doesn’t smell, and that is very important for these people.”

A ventilation system sucks out all unwanted odors.

The building also lacks electromagnetic frequencies such as electrical circuits and wireless equipment that can affect hypersensitive people.

Residents have to use specific types of hygiene products to keep from bothering other people.
The building also bans hand lotion.
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Joder sin electricidad ni alimentos? A ver quién es el primer desadaptado que mete una manzana. Siempre hay algún punki viviendo al límite.
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Como si estuvieran en una cueva en la montaña. No estaría mal una idea parecida pero sin tantas restricciones, aunque no sea uno hipersensible a los químicos.